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For The Community

Education, adoption and a bitcoin-based circular economy



At current 7% inflation, any dollar saved today loses 70% of its value in ten years. Bitcoin is savings technology.  As a store-of-value, bitcoin appreciates at an average of 200% a year over the last 10 years.



Bitcoin is not "crypto".   We are Bitcoin only.  Our educational presentations focus on the differences between a truly decentralized, trustless, non-sovereign   currency (Bitcoin) and everything else.



Bitcoin is computer code.  Computer code cannot discriminate based on race, gender, geographical location, financial status, or sexual orientation.  Bitcoin is a world-wide network that anyone on Earth can participate in. 

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Small Business

Bitcoin for payments and balance sheet allocation.

Revise the  "Bit License" in New York State.



Credit card companies charge 3%-5% for every swipe and require days, sometimes weeks for final settlement.  Bitcoin Lightning settlement is near instantaneous and costs fractions of a penny. 



A Bitcoin Standard allows balance sheet allocation. The dollar is 100% guaranteed to lose value year-over-year.  When you are successful and have excess capital, bitcoin serves as an excellent store-of-value, appreciating at an average of 200%, per annum, over the last ten years.



Bitcoin Lightning Network allows seamless flows between fiat (USD), bitcoin, or other digital assets. You decide what currency you want to receive your payments in.

Yes, there is a benefit to early adoption. The value of your bitcoin accrues as the network grows. We are early. Current bitcoin adoption worldwide is roughly where the internet was in 1998.

Public Policy

Revise the “Bit License”, which has hindered entrepreneurship, wealth creation, and economic development in New York State! 



REVISE the “BitLicense”.  In its current state the New York Bit License  puts our state at a disadvantage.  The law makes it incredibly difficult for any small business or entrepreneur to build new companies here.



74% of all bitcoin mining is already carbon neutral.  Bitcoin mining STRONGLY incentivizes development in the use of green and renewable energy.



Bitcoin advantages NYS fiscally through taxation, job creation, and green energy development.  Additionally, it should be available for pensions and retirement accounts.

What is bitcoin?

Bitcoin is one of the most well-known and well-established forms of cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is the world’s first digitally native asset built on an open and public infrastructure, called the Bitcoin network. Bitcoin is the largest and most secure computer network in the world and has been operating without interruptions or corruptions since 2009. Bitcoin allows anyone in the world to send and receive value simply by connecting to the internet. It therefore levels the playing field and promotes financial inclusion, as evidenced by many of today’s cryptocurrency supporters, who are young and diverse political leaders such as NYC Mayor Eric Adams, NY Congressman Ritchie Torres, NJ Senator Corey Booker, and Miami Mayor Francis Suarez, just to name a few.

Hope.com is a great website with articles, podcasts, interviews, videos, and more.

Our monthly MEETUPS are excellent opportunities to learn more about Bitcoin.

If you or your organization would like an HBC representative to speak with you about the benefits of Bitcoin, please contact: HBC@harlembitcoin.com


Educational Videos

If you have been to an HBC event, these presentations may look familiar... please enjoy!